Asparagus with sauteed mushroom - simple living Thursday, December 10, 2009

When we are not scouring the globe for new Loving Hut openings or new vegetarian eateries that are sprouting out all over the world like mushrooms, well, we cook simple vegan home meals.

This is one of our favourite dishes. It is sauteed mushrooms with asparagus.

asparagus sauteed mushroom

Simple nuitritious home meal, with a special feeling of love.

There is no need to KILL for food. What age are we now in ? The golden age of enlightenment ! We are not barbaric people any more.. We don't need the taste of blood to stir the stomach.. We don't want sins of death in our hands.

We don't want swine flu. Give us the Earth that we knew, the kind, loving and forgiving Earth... Start by being kind to others, people and animal alike.

Don't rock the Planet !! 6 billion people, only One Planet, and One Chance to save it.. It starts from our dining table !


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