I Will Save The Earth Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A very very touching song you can hear when you visit Kids for Saving The Earth a song sung by kids who are very concerned about saving the Earth.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has unambiguously charted the way forward for all the people and kids in the world to save the Earth. Go Vegetarian ! Go Vegan ! That is the best way to save our precious Earth.

Meat eating is polluting our environment and it is the number One contributor to green house warming gas according to United Nations Report in 2006 entitled "Livestock's Long Shadow". See Dr. Pachauri 's blog Lifestyle Changes for a Healthy Planet Dr. Pachauri heads over a thousand scientists engaged in studying global warming at the UN Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change.

Start with eating less meat now ! Choose Vegetarian or Vegan meals !

Intelligent kids, tell your parents you want to go vegetarian to save the Earth..

If there is no vegetarian meal in your school, talk to your teacher about it. Talk to your parents, ask them ! Schools should provide vegetarian sandwiches !!

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