Pongol Chilli Cha Cha Thursday, January 21, 2010

One day at Bukit Merah Central Loving Hut, the chef was kind enough to let me sample a new dish they had.. and it is called : Pongol Chilli Cha Cha

pongol chilli cha cha

Ummm... Yum Yum... Don't you just love the texture !! Look at that !! Yummy delicious vegan seafood fare !! without killing a single animal !! Tasty and syrupy gravy with sweet pineapple chilli sauce, not so spicy that even kids will love it..

Why do people have to kill crab to extract the meat ?? It's cruel.. Every time we passed through a stall with crabs tied up in strings, that is cruelty.. we walked away as fast as we can.. how can anyone tie up a defenceless, sea creature and proceed to overpower it with strings, so it cannot defend for its own life, and then chop it down with a chopper ??

How have humans degraded themselves to such a state, so that they can derive just mere seconds of enjoyment in their mouth ?? Would you kill a young child ? Would you tie him up and chop him ?? Stop it... Stop the cruelty..

We have an alternative.. We have the vegan live style. And it is the God's will that we live without harming another being.. Please.. go vegan !

cool plum juice

The latest outlet at BMC, Loving Hut is spacious and with a relaxing atmosphere. If the sun is not too hot, you enjoy the alfresco dining or lunch with protective aluminium awnings for shade. Inside you have the cool air con comfort, and free water self-service if you are not ordering drinks.

sos bus 14

Take the SOS bus no 131 from Raffles Quay or Keppel Road. It brings you down to Bukit Merah where you can look out for Loving Hut at block 161.

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