Sunday Special at Loving Hut BMC Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's cool !! The Sunday vegan special dish at Loving Hut BMC is none other than Singaporean's all time favourite food - vegan fried kway teow.

vegan fried kway teow

You've got to come to Bukit Merah Central Block 161 to see and taste this delicious dish. The vegan egg is incredible !! Oh, just look at that !! Look at the scrambled vegan egg !! Don't ask how it's done.. Just eat it and enjoy !!

cool plum juice

A cool plum juice to go with the vegan fried kway teow !! Cooling in the hot climate.
This is the drink which came from the fruit that is said to quench the thirst of soldiers merely by mentioning the name of plum !! Can you imagine how thirst quenching it is ??

sos bus 14

Take the SOS bus no. 131 from St. Michaels to Bukit Merah Central, it stops at Shenton Way just opposite DBS Building, so the office lunch crowd can head straight to Loving Hut !!

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