Do not eat the flesh of animals, Please ! Sunday, August 16, 2009

In the recently concluded live broadcast of video conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai in Bangkok, Thailand, held in conjunction with the launch of Au Lacese version of Her books "The Dogs In My Life" and "The Noble Wilds", Supreme Master made insightful remarks in the questions and answers session.

It was revealed that the Noble Quality (NQ) of dog, birds and pigs are around 30% while that of cows are 40% which is much higher than many animals.

Human beings in contrast have around 10% or 3% although there are exceptional individuals with much higher NQ.

3% Oh My God !! That is like the same "kindness" as the most vicious animals on Earth... so please .. all the kind and loving, enlightened and spiritual human beings.. please stop eating the flesh of cows, dogs, pigs or any other animals or fishes... you are just degrading yourselves !!!

Be Veg. go Green. Save the planet

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