Watch Supreme Master Television Here !! Friday, October 31, 2008

Now you can watch Supreme Master Television here..

Yipee !!

OK. It loads rather slowly..

Be patient alright ?

My daughter says "Oh Oh.. Now you are addicted"

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Orniku Says .... Thursday, October 30, 2008

The reverend Orniku says "Its pink !!"

OK... OK... now it is yellow,

like it ?

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Loving Hut in Singapore !! Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today I brought my kids to Loving Hut at Suntec City 3rd floor, Sky Garden... The food was gorgeous.

My kiddos and my ""secretary" ordered 3 Rainbow Rice. I had a plate of Herbal Rice, which I knew is very nice. We have side dish of satay and tofu jackets. The tofu jackets were heavenlicious. . I was at the Master Chef's house when the tofu jackets were cooked, so I have already tasted their skills, fantastic !!

The World Honored One is of course, needless to say a Supreme Cook Herself. If you just watch suprememaster tv or download the cooking shows, you will know what I mean.. The World Honored One's vegan culinary skills is peerless !! She cooks main dish and side dish together, whether it is over gas stove, electric stove or wooden fire !! Str-'fry, steam, boil or oven baked, there is nothing She doesn't do !!

Want to know how good Loving Hut's food is ? At the end of the meal, all our plates were empty, and all the soup bowl too !!

My daughter says she wants to go to Loving Hut again !


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A/B Swtich - Part 1 Monday, October 27, 2008

A little review here. We talked first about the common dish, fried rice, and then some people tossed in some "ingredients" to make the rice taste "nicer" without giving much thought to the fact that these "ingredients" were living beings, and that by killing them for food, we have committed the first Sin.

And as we talked about the way we mechanically kill prawns for food, we recalled at some point in time, the demand for "fresh" looking and "fresh" tasting sea food, has lead to the invention of an atrocious, repulsive dish called "Drunken Prawn".

When the "Drunken Prawn" was being served in the round table of a seafood outlet, nobody actually made any objections. Sure, some girls there might have squirmed a little bit, but nobody actually stood up and say "Stop It"... Nobody actually walked out of the seafood outlet in disgust... We all hide our inner feelings by emulating each other..

We look at other people; we look at adult's reaction. The adult's heart are already hardened, so naturally, there is no reaction, so we thought that we must behave the same way... We hide our innate intuition and goodness.. We make "drunken prawns" out of them, we killed our own conscience !! We learned to ignore the Still Small Voice within us, which is telling us, "This is wrong... This is wrong... Don't eat it !!"

So, without realizing anything at all, we slipped effortlessly into Channel-A lifestyle, we slipped away from goodness into darkness, we became a mindless pawn of the Evil Force.

It sound scary, but true... Channel-A traps are everywhere in this world, and these traps ensnares us, and ambush our Soul, keeping us trapped in Channel-A easily and without much effort... Tune in to TV advertisements, and you know... Gorgeous pictures of delicious, good looking squarish shaped hamburgers and fish fillets tempt us, such Channel-A advertisements incessantly bombard us with negative values, until we surrender, we give up, we fall in, and we became a rookie of the Dark Powers...

And that is how, one by one, we fall into the endless trap of Channel-A, without any way to get out at all.. We fall from our original, pure hearted self, we fall from our child-like, God trusting nature.. So if you ever wonder when or where or how we lost our childish innocence, we do not need to wonder any more..

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Supreme Master Ching Hai Day Saturday, October 25, 2008

Today is the 15th Anniversary of the Supreme Master Ching Hai Day !!

Happy Supreme Master Ching Hai Day...

I am a teenager again... Hurray !

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More Animal / human Atrocities unveiled ..

Just when I thought it is safe to switch to a new blog, and perhaps talk a little bit more about the A-B switch, I received an email reply from a friend who read this blog. He is none other than the famous "Shaolin Monk" aka "Orniku" and we knew each other many, many years B.C. (Before the Age of PC)

Well, the well-read Orniku contributed some more collection of atrocities, which according to the erudite Monk's calculation, dated as far back as the Sung dynasty of China !!

So, very, very, grudgingly, I am recording here, another episode of unspeakable inhumanity of man against animals, and man against man himself..

Once again, if you are young in age, do give this entry a skip..

But if you really need to read this, at the end of it, make a choice okay ? You can remain Channel-A, but better still, if you exercise your choise, and all the heavenly beings will bless you abundantly if you switch to Channel-B ..

Remember that you are responsible for your life and those you love, choose wisely, choose Live, choose Love, choose to be a Channel-B person.

Here is the verbatim quote, which Orniku, the World Read One, says,

(a) This monkey biz dish started with our forefathers in China - Monkey brain delicacy
Since your appetite is whetted, let me contribute a few more from the ancient recipes.

(b) Wrap head and tail of live fresh water carp (or any live fish you may have)with cloth. With both head and tail held, dip the middle portion into boiling oil. Serve on plate, as you eat, you still have the eyes blinking at you and tail fipping about.

(c) Heat up a fenced up piece of metal over furnance. Put some live geese onto it. As it becomes red hot, the geese would tango for a while while the webbed feet get all blistered and cooked.

(d)Tied a donkey/horse to a pole. Select the portion of meat you want. Someone will pour boiling water over it and cut off that for your plate.

(e) To end it, here is the bit that is going to spoil your weekend. Do not read if you have weak heart.

According to my Sung dynasty published text, human meat is the best delicacy. Raw translation:
- Human meat is known as "Two leg goat"
- Meat of old lean man- "Start a fire"
- Meat of woman - "Yakky Whey"
- Meat of children "Mashed bone"


So there you have it, the Monk has said his piece, thank you Orniku, for recording such facts for the knowledge of the readers..

It is important that we make a decision, when we read this..

Do we want to remain Channel-A, or do we go Channel-B ?

Choose channel-B, choose to save animal's lives !!

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Some Monkey Business

Now that we are talking about "Fresh" sea food, here is a little story that will give you a new understanding of what is really "Fresh" Food...

In my teenage years, I have a good friend and mentor, actually a distant relativea nd some years my senior. He was working at the Malaysian telecoms at that time and one of the perks of the job is that he used to call me, for free.Those times, internet was not yet invented, computers were unheard off, and hand phones had not been born.

He was the one who taught me to travel around the region independently, as he is kind of fond of traveling, so we went together on my first overseas trip, to Thailand and Malaysia.

This is the part where the details are going to get very gory, so if you are young and tender in age, please skip this entry and read the others...

You are still here ? Well, you have been warned..

Anyway it is about food, and also about the extreme inhumanity which we humans,as a superior species, bestowed on our less fortunate animal friends..

One day my friend talked to me about travel trivia and food trivia and things like that, and he kind of told me they eat monkey heads in Thailand... and he went on to describe how it is done, matter-of-factly.. If you really want to know,well, they put a live monkey in a wooden cage so tight that the monkey, of course,c annot move around, and only the top of the monkey skull is exposed from thecage, at about the height of the table where the customer would sit down and order his meal...

God forbid that I have to tell you this sad story, again, if you are happy and in a good mood today, please skip this blog, the enlightened people do not usually want to talk about these things, the reason I will explain in another blog..

You are still here ?? Okay.. maybe it is fate then... Maybe by reading this story it will change you to a benign plant-based herbivore, so we go on..

Well, when the customer sit down, presumbably after choosing a monkey, they..

Again I want to warn you that by reading this you may have a night-mare..

It is unspeakable the kind of things we human beings do in our ignorant and sadly evil heart, it is really gross and inhumane... utterly devoid of compassion and even failing to be fit to call ourselves human... the Channel A poison is indeed malicious and deep-rooted evil...

The waiter or food server will open the skull of the alive monkey, thus the brain of the monkey is exposed to view, and I think put a straw, like the one you use to drink bubble tea ?? Yes, that is how the customer suck the brain on a "Fresh" food, a delicacy of "Fresh" Monkey Brain..

This is a real story, I did not make this up...

Now do you still want to be a Channel A person ? Or do you want to be a Channel B person ? When are you going to make the switch ?

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More Drunken Prawns.. Friday, October 24, 2008

Now then there is a little side note to the drunken prawn incident, which happens very frequently at sea food centers.

The people who ordered seafood wanted it fresh. If it is not "fresh" of course,it tastes like rotting flesh, and nobody wants to eat rotting flesh if at allpossible. Best taste is the meat, right after killing.

That was the kind of thinking behind putting the semi-dead, half alive prawns in a glass of wine and then to torture them till the last possible moment. Not only to let you see the action, but the intent is to letyou know, you are getting "live" and "fresh" seafood... Because you witness the killing yourself !! Yeah, you don't do it.. You don't kill... You only pay for someone else to do the dirty job for you.. You condone the suffering of the prawns, becausey ou wanted "Fresh Seafood !!"

God forbid, who designed such a diabolical instrument of torture !!There is no such thing as Fresh Seafood, it is only Recently Killed Sea Creatures..

Once again, inside our brains, inside our minds, there is an A-B switch...

In normal consciousness, day-to-day living, we are in Channel A, which is"normal" and "ordinary", aka topsy-turvy. We don't question tradition.We don't question cultural values, we don't question the value of meat which the TV advertisements have successfully bombarded us day-in day-out thousandsof times daily. Omnivores and carnivores who do the same practice centuries oldcannot be wrong. Don't think, just follow the norm. Eat it man ! Eat the meat or you won't grow up !! That is what adults tell you ---- Channel A thinking.

You need to hear the "click" in your brain... Did you hear it ? You need to confirm that you have switched... Have you turned to Channel B ?

Once you are in Channel B, you are enlightened. Like what Krishnamurti used to say,you see things in its reality... You really started to see... You see it for what it IS, not what it is made out to be..

If you stay in Channel A, you are in darkness, you lost yourself. Once you achieved the "click", you are in the Light of Love. Channel A is the negative power. Channel B is Love... Your choice. You wield the power to choose.

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Fried Rice Paradise Thursday, October 23, 2008

Singapore is said to be a Fired Rice Paradise.

Sometimes you fry the rice, and that is still okay, it is
still paradise, until you add some "ingredients" which are
thoughtlessly, mechanically tossed in - whther those "ingredients" happened to be called "prawns" or "chicken" you don't care, as long as it's taste appeal to you, you call it Fried Rice Paradise, but to the "things", the once-alive and well beings, they are Fired Rice Purgatory.

The first time I encountered a dish called "Drunken Prawns" I was a teenager, and a meat eater like any other "normal", "ordinary" kid... it must have been at the East Coast Seafood Center or the one along Changi Road near Bedok, which is quite famous.

It was a fascinating thing to watch... I remember seeing it myself, and as if putting on a show, the waiter will bring in some live prawns, in a nice see-through wine glass, so you can watch all the action from the safety of your seat. When the waiter pour in some hot wine, he cover it immediately, because after doing this, there is a lot of commotion, a lot of struggling and suffering happening, a lot of last minute energy and gasp for life.

Of course, at that time, being unenlightened, it was just a curiosity show for me, a decoration, an appetising show before the real meal. It is nothing. It is like one of those decorations you put on food.. Like a freak show when the circus come to town.. It is just something adults enjoy, and we teenagers learn to "enjoy" it too, from the adults. You are not supposed to think too much about it, if you do think at all, because after that, when the prawns are thoroughly cooked and deliciously dead, and all red in color, that is the time you gorge on it and enjoy the real taste.

After many years on the spiritual path, I can say something about enlightenment. It is something very ordinary. Enlightenment is a shift in perspective.

If you see the "Drunken Prawns" as some form of delicious, fusion-style kung-fu romantic gourmet delicatesence, then you are sadly in the dark force of ignorance, the unelightened being wallowing in misery without knowing anything at all.

If you see the "Drunken Prawns" as an act of cruelty, and feel the pain of death and torture of a fellow sentient being, and furthermore, acting on it, you vow never to live or to taste delicious rotting flesh at the expense of another living being, then your Love, your divine spark is awakened, and congratulations, you are in the land of the enlightened sages..

It is very simple. Enlightenment is a thin layer between the ignorant fool and the saints, it is a shift of consciousness. Once you moved to the other side, you are safe... heaven welcomes you, the angels sing with joy. Once you shift your perspective, your position, your viewpoint, then you are enlightened.

Can there be anything more simple than this ?

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