Swine Flu H1N1 A (2009) The Singapore Story Saturday, July 4, 2009

4 decades ago the founding fathers of Singapore faced a major crisis. In the first wave of attack, Singapore became subjects of the British Empire. In the second wave of attack, Japan tramples on Singapore like an orchid. In the third wave of attack, Malaysia divorced Singapore and left Singapore an unwanted child.

Our founding fathers do not flinch when faced with a crisis. With determination, guts and passion, they went all out to claim what is their just rights.
Nobody believed Singapore can make it but we did...

Now generation X suddenly find themselves in the midst of a major crisis, a crisis that is unlike any other crisis, a crisis that threatens not just Singapore economy, but the very existence of the human species, a crisis so large that the entire planet can be destroyed, a crisis with multiple threats of not just swine flu but includes bird flu, mad cow disease, climate change, artic ice melt.

It is not just about creating an economic miracle any more, the stakes are much higher this time..

The entire human species, and the animal species is at stake. This is even more important than any economic problem. People are dying around the world, animals are dying, whales and dolphins beach themselves because the methane bubbling up from the ocean created dead zones and deprive them of oxygen. Where does all these methane came from ? Not surprisingly, they came from factory run-offs,
yes, you guessed it, the result of live stock raising.

We are now in the first wave of swine flu attack. Republic Polytechnic became the first largest school cluster, but certainly not the last. The principal became the first to be petitioned by 1,900 students.

Does RP flinch and run away or stay back and fight ?

There are two pills: Green and Red.

Take the red pill, and you go back to normal, hide your cowardly self in the midst of the matrix. Try to find safety in numbers. (how long can you hide ?) Eat meat and be "normal". Watch mainstream TV every day and be bombarded with meat-is-good propaganda every 5 minutes interval. Wash your hands, take your temperature and wear a mask. Pretend you don't know anything about the link between meat and climate change.

Take the green pill, pull yourself out of the matrix. Start to live and let live. Become a vegan. Do not let animals suffer for your meals. Live like a true gentleman/gentlewoman and be a hero. Shut down the pig farms, save the world.

It takes a lot of courage to pick up the green pill and swallow it.

Against all odds, they say it cannot be done.. it is impossible for Singapore to do it ...

Hero or zero ?? RP, we are looking up to you...

Can you do it ?? Yes, YOU !!! You are The One ..

Believe in yourself, Neo, take the green pill !!!

Veganism is the only solution to save the world.


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