San Jose at night Wednesday, September 21, 2011

After Stockton and we have checked into our hotel and rested, the next place we knew that we had to go is the House of the Master. The jewelry set would probably set us back by a few grands but visitng the famous house that started the first vegan movement on the west coast wouldn't hurt a bit..


This is tradition, this is it! Little sister was pretty excited as we gingerly park our car at the spacious car park besides Street 11 and head for the main entrance, a welcoming grand piano awaits us..


Looking at the menu, I had the irresistible urge to order a strange sounding concoction, root beer with vegan ice cream !! Ah... just the perfect drink !

Of course, being the savvy vegans we were, and a Loving Hut owner amongst one of us, we were not easy guests to please by all measure, there is something you just got to try when you are in San Jose, yes, the vegan tradition, the Pièce de résistance, the dish that laid the foundation stone linking two continents and two countries, the land of the plum blosssom and the land of the brave and the free !!


You don't have to know the history, you just need to know the name.. It is called the Three Cup Sauce, probably the most challenging and difficult to satisfy, this dish has transformed itself and reinvented itself as the Sun rises from the East to the West. It is the definitive Loving Hut signature dish. The many venerable traditions and tonight, tonight we got to taste the latest vegan iteration, right here on this holy place at the house of the Master !! We are indeed fortunate..


We shared another dish, the claypot tofu... again something of a little test. If it were no good, it would have been obvious for the vegan connaisseur that we were, having tasted the best of both worlds.. so of course this dish passed with flying colours.. There is flavour and cooked with the invisible "qi" of the wok !

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