Paris Sunset Friday, April 3, 2009


Paris, the capital of France, such a romantic place rich in history, culture and tradition.

It is in the center of Europe, and for many, the center of the universe too.

The Eiffel tower, a must for first time visitors, looms 300 meters high on the banks of river Siene, overlooking the Parc du Champs-de-Mars and nearby parks on the western part of Paris' 7th District.

Paris is littered with beautiful side walk cafes, and we had a nice vegan meal of baguette and coffee in one of the cafes, enjoying the free and romantic atmosphere, and praying that the message of veganism will blossom in this beautiful place.


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Hi. I am the stone who lives near the lampost. I am given 20cents a day to not throw myself into the light.



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