2 minutes to change the world Wednesday, February 25, 2009


"2 minutes to change the world" is a global warming initiative participated by more than 25 countries world wide to awaken the public on the imminent danger of global warming and its simple solution - the vegan or vegetarian diet.

Global warming is the most pressing and most urgent issue of our time. It's a time bomb that is slated to go off and kill everyone on earth. It is even more urgent than any other issues the governments of the world can think of.. Forget about terrorism, global warming is even more urgent than that and poses a security threat that no police in the world can overcome.


Yet, for all the danger to the survival of our species, the solution is also in our hands. Just stop eating meat !! And you will help to stop global warming gas being emitted to the environment. It is so simple.. Time to act now !!


Young and old alike, climate change is going to strike everyone down if we do not take any action. Change your diet to vegan, animal-free diet now !! We only have 1,428 days left to change our diet before it is all too late.. do your part !!

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Hi. I am the stone who lives near the lampost. I am given 20cents a day to not throw myself into the light.



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