Paris, oh Paris Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's 4 degrees C here in Paris.
On the way here, the plane was delayed first by 45 mminutes, then by an incredible 3 and a half hours.. which leaves me wondering is there a strike in France ?
A good thing happened that the delay allowed us to book a hotel room via internet. Upon arrival at Charles de Gaulle, we found the airport is not a good place to book hotels inside Paris, although there are some 4 stars hotels in the airport vacinity. Anyway we found one nice and cheap near where we want to go. It's called Libertel Austerlitz Jardin des Plantes.. what a mouthful..And cheap too ! It cost only 147 euro for 2 nights.. and book on the eve of flight.. Don't do this if you go Paris without hotel booking, you can end up spending a night on the streets, and that is very cold indeed.

We went up Eiffel Tower and Champs Ellysee and Chinatown at Pote de Ivry, looking for a vegetarian restaurant, which unfortunately was closed when we went there, at about 5 pm ! So, being enterprising vegans, we had to resort to plan B, which means a can of spinach, mixed veggies, beans in ketchup sauce These three cans cost about 1.10 euros each. We bought a packet of spaghetti about 4 euros and we are set. We have a small traveller's electric pot, which we use to cook the spaghetti inside our small but comfy hotel room. It has an attahed bathe and free wifi to boot.

Today we toured the museum at Louvre, Notre Dame, Hotel de Ville and Center Pompidou. If you come to Paris, don't ever go to the Pompidou. It cost you 10 euro for a ticket, and it is a plain waste of time. Modern arts ? Oh my God, just some scrambled scrap metals, broken glass bottle and artless painting.... you call that modern art ? Oh mmy God !! We feel like we were being ripped off !! Seriously.. I enjoyed the classic art museum much more.. I think the ancient 18 century paintings are fabulous. The French are very good painters of persons, especially nude bodies, cherubs and angels... very very good indeed.. They also excelled at still life painting, such as fruits.. My God, the grapes are so realistic, almost like a photograph, you can see it painted with such nice techniques, very wonderful..

Tomorrow we'll be off again, and this time we will leave Paris and enter heaven..


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