How Mars was destroyed by climate change Sunday, February 8, 2009

News flash from Supreme Master Television.

The first part of the 5 parts series on Mars, Benevolent Messages from Mars: Be Virtuous and Save the Earth. This series is now showing on "Between Master and Disciples" at Supreme Master Television as we speak..

While waiting for the transcript to become available, here is a sketch of the exciting but gruesome details of how Mars met its end as revealed by Supreme Master Ching Hai...

Some of the points covered in the first part:
- The destruction of Mars happened 40 million years ago. Most of the Mars people were killed as the end came swiftly, and most of them did not believe that they will die, but they did.
- The Martians die a terrible, agonizing death, a death by suffocation over 4 days
- The two main posionous death gases identified as killing the Martians were Hydrogen Sulphide and Nitrous Oxide. These two gases, together with methane released by livestock raising, killed the Martians.
- The Martians suffered global warming symptoms similar to Earth, the ocean warmed up, releasing poisonous gases, the glaciers melt, releasing poisonous gases
- The first wave of death hit 90 % of the Mars population, including animals. Then after a while, 5% of the population died, and after some more time, another 3.8% perished.
- The initial survivors on Mars amounted to 0.2% or about 2 million. Their number has grown to this day.
- The initial survivors dug underground tunnels and caves, and over a period of 20 years, they found each other, initially by telepathy, and later meeting up physically together to form communities.
- The survivors lived near underground river.
- The survivors lived frugally, re-cycling and also spiritually. They took records to remind their descendants of what happened to Mars.
- Some parts of the underground caves measured 10 meters tall, almost 5 stories high.
- Mars as it is now is beyond repair by any human effort. However nature will heal it over the next 1 million years, when some small shrubs will grow, some weeds, then rivers will form again and so on... so it will take another 1 million years before Mars will become habitable by humans.

Be Veg. Go Green. Save Our Earth.

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