48 degrees N Friday, February 13, 2009

In Paris, we travelled by metro, since at the Roissy CDG airport, we had to go 25 km inwards towardss Paris, and depending on who you believe in the internet, a taxi trip will cost you between 36 euros and 80 euros, so taxi is oout of the question for us.. As for bus, we had confusing directions given to us by airport staff, so we decided a two days metro ticket is the best value for money.. It will bring us right to the heart of downtown Paris and on top of that, we get to travel anywhere on bus or train free of charge.. for two days at least..

The Paris metro is very complicated and confusing at the same time, with many similar names and stations that appear on one map and not on the other. It seems there are three types of trains in Paris, the regional, high speed bullet train run by SNCF, called the TGV, and the intra Paris metro, of which there are two types, hence two maps. The first type is a single storey short carriage train, which stops at many convenient places in Paris and travels above ground so you can take in the sights as well. The second type of train is two storeys, and have comfortable coach seats, and it travels mostly underground, so you dont get to see anything at street level.

Car rental is out of our budget, as it is not cheap just for 2 days, when bus and train are so easy. They drive on the wrong side of the road, if you are from Asia, United Kingdom or Austrlia, but if you are from USA, then the French drive on the correct side ;-)

When we are in the hotel room, our vegan meal is three veggie cans, a packet of spaghetti and a bottle of tomato ketchup, with a portable electric travelling pot. We cook with mineral water initially until we found the hotel room tap water is actually quite safe for cooking. When on the road touring, we look out mostly for a cuppa cafe and the ever present plain, simple and delicious baguatte. We have foound throughout Paris, the cheapest baguette is about .80 euro, and the most expensive can be 3 euros..

When ordering the cuppa, don't ask for coffee, because they will give you American coffee, which has milk inside, ask for "en cafe" instead, or the plain Expresso. French coffee is good !!

We were very pleased whenever we spotted Vegetarian meals in the menu of the restaurants. So far we found a couple of bars and restaurants serving vegetarian meals, even Subway has a baguatte sandwich that is vegetarian ! We don't take any of these since we already plan on cooking in the hotel room..

While blogging this entry using a linux Asus wireless in our hotel room, we saw the news on CNN about the Australian fire and the greater than hurricane level winds.. More disasters coming around the world.. Please if you read this blog, anywhere in the world.. turn to a vegetarian diet now, it can save you, it can save your loved ones, and it can stop 80% of the global warming..

Be a vegetarian hero now !! The world needs you !

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