Chicken Sleep Peacefully Tuesday, February 17, 2009

vegan pledge

Be a vegan or a vegetarian. Leave the animals alone, don't eat them,
that is how you can sleep in peace, without any worries, without any guilty feelings.

Chicken is not food; fried chicken is fried cruelty.

To kill is to be killed.

In school we learned the basic science that Action and reaction are equal and opposite.

In spirituality there is a similar law known as karma, "Do as you would have others done unto you."

Be good. Be kind. Be merciful. That will attract goodness, kindness and mercy to you.

If you do evil, kill animals for food without any feeling of remorse or regret, than expect the same treatment when you time on Earth runs out.


Lasm's story told @6:15 PM

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Hi. I am the stone who lives near the lampost. I am given 20cents a day to not throw myself into the light.



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