Why do we need to protect the animals, birds and fishes ? Sunday, March 29, 2009

We need to protect the animals that live on the land, the birds that fly in the sky, and the fishes that swim in the ocean..

We need to protect them, because if the animal co-inhabitants of this planet are all gone, then we as human species cannot survive also !!

We cannot live alone ! We cannot live in an environment where the animal co-inhabitants are all gone, all driven to extinction.

Every single day, up to 270 species vanish from our planet Earth.

Every year, we slaughter 5 billion animals for food !

To protect the animal co-inhabitants is to protect ourselves.

To protect the animal co-inhabitants, we must stop eating them up !!

We have alternative. We can choose a healthy, happy and compassionate plant-based diet! We have all the nuitrition and protein nourishment from plant-based food.

Stop killing the animals ! Because we kill them all, we will end up killing ourselves,killing our environments, and killing our own children's future !!

This is the age of enlightened self-interest. Wake up now !

Join the noble vegetarian circle to save the Earth.

Lasm's story told @1:44 AM

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