Count Down for Planet Earth : 1422 Days Left Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The countdown to the point of No Return for Planet Earth's global warming catastrophe has officially begun on Valentine's Day Feb 14 2009. At that time, we had 1439 days left.

For those who watch Supreme Master Television infrequently, in case you are not informed, the countdown for Planet Earth has begun... As at today, we have only 1422 days left before the point of No return.

This is hardly 4 years left!! After the appointed time if there is not enough vegetarians in this world to turn around the evil karma of killing, our Earth's global warming will reach the point of no return,
and its fate will be similar to planet Mars 40 million years ago,
meaning to say most people on Earth will die, and it will be a terrible, slow death if it is coming from the poisonous gases below the Arctic.

If you want to help save the world, please listen to Supreme Master Ching Hai, switch to a vegetarian diet right now, and encourage other people to do the same.

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