King's Gambit Declined or Why the World has still not declared the 2009 human swine flu pandemic ? Sunday, June 7, 2009

We live in a complex world, getting increasingly more complicated.
We are told that in this age of complexity, complex diseases are bound to happen.
We need to resolve the basic underlying problems of these diseases, in a timely and wise manner, as it concerns the future livelihood of our children, the hopes of our human species and indeed the survival of our planet is at stake.

We present the simple innocence of a vegan child who wants to know why the world we live in is getting increasingly dangerous, and what is the solution to human swine flu ?

Child : Mommy, what is swine flu pandemic ?

Mother : My dear, quite simply a pandemic is a major disease outbreak that is occurring all over the world.

Child : Mommy, why is the swine flu not yet declared a pandemic ? Why are we still on level 5 alert according to WHO ?

Mother : Well, my dear, the health authorities are considering various criteria, such as the kill rate, the evidence for local domestic infections etc etc and they are very, very reluctant, extremely reluctant to declare the current siwne flu outbreak as a pandemic despite mounting evidence that the disease is spreading and spreading without signs of abating.

Child : Mommy, what are the adults concerned about ? What will happen to the world if they declare the human swine flu (H1N1 A influenza) pandemic ?

Mommy : Well, my dear child, a lot is at stake if the world is declaring the current swine flu outbreak as a pandemic, and that is why the adults are dragging their feet. Declaring a pandemic has enormous consequences. The primary pork producers, the industry responsible for creating the massive unhygenic, inhumane conditions for pig farms, which resulted in the birth of human swine flu will be hit hardest. The authorities are afraid of lost of economy, or money income from the cruel and wicked meat industry. It is a huge US$26 billion global industry with a lot of political clout. There are also other worries. They are mainly political worries, such as putting the health authorities in a tight spot. They may run out of strategies to combat the swine flu pandemic. They may be faced with a situation where they suddenly find their decades old disease prevention protocols and processess being challenged and found wanting. So it has huge impact on a lot of people's fortunes, the scientists' reputation, the health authorities' reputation as guardian of public health, loss in public confidence, triggering loss in stock market confidence etc etc.

Child : Mommy, is it like a chess game the adults are playing ?

Mommy : Yes my dear, very much so it is like a chess game. Yeah, the virus could be playing King's Gambit. Right now the ball is in the court of the humans. The authorities are hoping for a break, they are praying that nature will give humanity a break and not force the virus to mutate too quickly before a vaccine is available etc.. so that the health authorities and the people in power can heave a huge sigh of relief, and life can go back to normal for everyone, and people can continue to eat meat in blissful ignorance..

Child : Mommy, what is the strategy of the adults ?

Mother : They really are running out of options.. They have tried containment, half heartedly, and it doesn't appear to be very effective, because it they carry out containment strategy to the fullest, they would have to ban air travel, but that path is considered too costly, again due to econmoic considerations.. there will be huge impact on economy, banning air travel bans trade as well, and money drive this world, my dear, not kindness, at least people have not realized that yet..

Child : Mommy, what other strategies can the adults consider ?

Mother : Well, my dear, not much options really, if all they want to do is continue "status quo", continue to destroy animal's lives and sacrifice them three times daily in ordinary citizen's kitchen table, and continue to drive the earth's environment beyond repair and resulting in permanent loss of 270 species daily, and over 5 billion animals slaughtered needlessly for food annually, the degradation and genocide of flaura and fauna, extinction of species, loss of bio-diversity, climate change, water wastage, ocean deserts or oxygen-less dead zones in our oceans etc. etc.

Child : Mommy, what about contact tracing, and personal hygiene, such as washing hands ?

Mother : Those are tactical parts of the containment strategy which appear to be failing, little tactics and tactical moves that address the symptoms of the human swine flu problem but did not attack the main threat, the source of the problem per se.

Well, if the authorities are forced to the wall by the human swine flu virus, they may well have to resort to "education", telling the public to be prepared to face the music, face the worst scenario, and that somehow their responsibilities can be discharged by "conditioning" the public expectation and perparing them for the consequences of their own choice, the choice of meat and its fatalistic retribution. In other words, be prepared to die for the pleasure of eating meat !

Child : Can't the adults think out of the box ? Like the King's Gambit Accepted !

Mother : Well, my dear, we hope they do... we certainly hope so. There is a King's Gambit Accepted vailable, but they are oh... so reluctant to consider it... that will be certainly one of the last resorts...

Child : Why, mommy ?

Mother : Well, my dear, the King's Gambit Accepted, is to move from the meat-eating world to an organic vegan world. To shut down the source of infection, the pig farms, the livestock farms, which are the breeding grounds of human swine flu by completely eliminating the demand for meat, and therefore generating zero supply for the meat industry.

Child : Won't it be a world disaster to lose the income from the meat industry ?

Mother : Well, dear, there is no fear as the lost of one industry will transform to the rise of another industry. The new industry could well be organic vegan ! In the United States alone, flu epidemics are estimated at an economic loss of US$500 billion annually, and that is many times more than what the Pork Industry earns globally !! So the maths really do not work out in favour of meat.. Further more if all the adults can think about is burn ratio, all that talk about slow burn or fast burn, will only lead to an unpleasant end game scenario, the charcoal burn !! That's the scenario where what is left is charcoal left over of burnt dead human bodies !! What price can you put to a human life ?? It's precious beyond monetary value !!

Child : So let's move to the vegan world now !!

Mother : We will have patience, my dear. We will wait to see which is the first nation in the world to declare their country vegan. You see, the people with power don't like to be forced to "show hand", or to disclose the last trump card they held close to their chest, which may be calling their bluff.. When they are forced to show hand, they will be forced to face God, their own conscience, their own highest moral judge, and that will be a very ugly scenario. There can be no excuses, they will have to be accountable to themselves, for the choices they made and the consequences of those choices which affects millions of people, the possibility of human treason, crime against humanity and nature, crime against the animals, crime against God. And that is something even the toughest, most powerful person in the world will fear to face. They would like to appear to be in control.. but sooner or later they will realize the only solution to all this madness is the vegan solution, as the end draws near and all other options have been explored, they will be forced to face the only one last drastic action left, the vegan solution. Let's hope the world make it in time, before the end game ends the world !!


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