Human Swine Flu lessons learned.... A wake up call !! Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Many years ago, I remembered the kind of look a friend cast upon me, when he learned that I was a vegetarian... He looked at me at the train station like I was some kind of alien...

It was laughable, but actually, friends, Truth be told, vegetarians are the most "normal" people in this world. They are the ones who wish to keep the world together, to ensure the continuity of this planet, the survivability and sustainability through a compassionate lifestyle and diet, respect for the animals and respect for our environment. They are the Heroes !! The real world saviours !!

The so-called "normal" meat-eating mass is the one who are trying to destroy the world.

They are so willing to sacrifice everything... resources, water, land, air, even encourage new diseases and viruses to grow, all these things, just to satisfy their palette for a few seconds, as they push down the animal carcass into their throats. They are the ones who attract disaster and diseases into this world, and if they do not change, they will cause the world to come to an end.

If you watch Supreme Master Television. You will understand everything. You will know all the harm that we have inflicted on the planet through our actions and our eating habits.
Now about the Human-Swine Flu. We know it is a triple hybrid mutant, combined virus from human, pigs and bird flu. It is a very malicious virus.. There are more bad news... It has jumped from pigs to human, that is the first piece of bad news. Now another major "feat"... It is transmitting amongst human-to-human...

You want more bad news ? It is now transmitting from human back to pigs !!! A very clever virus indeed, that is trying to create havoc and wreck the lives of humans.

My intelligent friends, please wake up !!! I don't want to say any more..

Our eating habits are killing us !!! It is killing our children, it is killing animals, and it is killing our planet... We ARE what we EAT ... Do you want to become a SWINE ????

Do you want your body to be a temple for the SWINE virus, the playground of the Human-Swine flu ????

Please stop it.. If you stop eating meat, the pig farms will close down.

If the pig farms closed down, the Human Swine Flu virus will lose its breeding ground.

It is so simple !!! Just do it !!!

Stop breeding Human Swine Flu !!! Say NO to Human Swine Flu..

STOP EATING MEAT !!! and cease to support the live stock industry !!
Pork is NOT SAFE to eat.

We need to change here !!! Don't leave it to the government to "take care of things" !!

Look at Mexico City !! The government close down when it is faced with a serious pandemic issue.. who are you going to rely on to solve the problem ?? You, YOU are the solution... No one else.

Don't rely on the scientist... They are just "learning" about the new virus, they will tell you they don't know anything about it .... and if you want a stronger "medicine" to suppress your "symptoms" wait a few more months, they tell you, then everyting will be "OK". Ask the scientist whether the virus can be eradicated, they will tell you NO, ask them what happens as they lurk
dormant inside the human body, and they will tell you they DON'T KNOW the long term effects..

You, my friends, you are the solution to these problems, because they are
caused by your eating habits !!

Do not pretend to be an "innocent bystander"... Do not wait for instructions from the government, or the health ministry. The health department will just tell you to wash your hands more frequently, while you are still "eating meat".... How many times do you think you can wash hands in a day ???

Just wash as many times as possible, every other second.. and then the problem will "go away" !!

The only real solution, my friends, wake up !!! Change to a healthy diet !!

Change to a vegetarian or vegan diet !!! Do it NOW !!!

Please don't let the young children die of the Human Swine Flu virus when you can do something about it..

Be a hero !!! Save our world !!

Step up, step forward and be counted ...

Contribute your part to the solution,
do not take part in perpetuating the problem !!

Be VEG. Save our planet.

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