Tracks of the Quiet Way 西湖的田园小径  Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today, we continue to explore the wonders of Hsihu Center in Formosa.

tracks of hsihu 1

When you enter Hsihu, you are greeted by tracks... long winding country road with bushes and trees growing at both sides, a picturesque setting so charming and romantic. The trees, the bushes, the flowers of Hsihu welcomes you with gentle sways and offer you shade and cooling breeze.. It is so full of nature, it is so alive with beauty..

tracks of hsihu 3

In summer, you can hear the birds chirping happily in the trees and small insects climbing up the branches. Occassionally some butterflies will flap its colorful wings as it parades above your head.. walking along the tracks of the quiet way, you feel the sense of peace, of home coming..
tracks of hsihu 1

Are you going to the international retreat ? Well, the tentage area is straight ahead, just walk down these paths, it's a long way up and down the hills, but you will see beautiful vistas when you arrive..


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