Best Way to Stop Human Swine Flu.. Thursday, April 30, 2009

The recent and sudden emergence of the Human Swine Flu brought panic to many countries..

This is the first time the flu has jumped from pigs to humans and is transmittable amongst humans..

But this is not the first time such strange, viscious diseases that are connected to animals have appeared. We have already seen many before.. the mad cow's disease, red tide, the Avian Flu.

What kind of world are we creating for our children ? Why is our world getting more and more dangerous each day ??

Please read the warning signs.. These are all diseases related to animals... Why are they affecting us ??

Every meal that you take which involves killing the animals, storing the carcass, transporting it to the retail outlet and finally landing on your dinner plate. Every time you order a meat based meal, you are contributing to the potential spread of the disease, you are providing support for the disease to flourish..

Wise and intelligent readers, it is a very simple matter to make the link between these strange new diseases and our eating habit.

Stop eating meat and meat-based products now !!!

Go Vegan to stop the spread of human-swine flu.

You have the power to stop it.. Do it for the sake of your children !!

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