Faux prawn Saturday, April 11, 2009

faux prawn

Today we go vegetarian shopping again.. as usual, we head straight to the veggie section and saw the faux prawn. It looks like the real stuff but without guilt, blood or killing.

When buying faux prawn, if you are a committed vegan, be careful to check the ingredients that it does not contain any egg based derivatives. Check with the manufacturer to be sure..

This item is easily available and is a great help for new veggie beginners who are wondering how to transition to the vegetarian lifestyle. Simply replace your favourite recipe involving sea creatures with the faux prawn version, until you are so comfortable with vegan cooking that you are able to manage your own recipe and taste requirements.

Imagine if all the fishing nets that entangled the sea creatures are removed from our seas... how safe and peaceful that can be !! Imagine all the fishing hooks and rods are banned from the seas and rivers.. what a peaceful heaven it will be.. It will be Eden on Earth again, where all beings live in love and respect for one another, instead of fear and terror.

Be a vegan. You owe it for the sustainability of our Earth and for food security.


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