Shut Down Pig Farm !! Sunday, May 3, 2009

The emergence of the new malicious triple hybrid bird-swine-human flu virus has caused the first infected country, Mexico, to enact a new intiative to shut down the government in the country. Is this supposed to ward off the bird-swine-human flu ??
Or will this be like the ostrich burrowing his head on the sand while a storm is brewing, hoping that the storm will pass by safely ??

Governments of the world, we do not need you to shut down... We need you to shut down the pig farms !!! Please deal with the problem at the source !! Do not waste resoucres in preparing your health care ministry for war nor waste money to develop the medicine to fight human swine flu !

Simply shut down the pig farms.. and encourage all your citizens to turn vegetarian/vegan..

Ban all meat !! Ban meat-based products just like you have done to ban smoking !!

We need an intelligent, straight thinking government in this urgent crisis that is affecting the entire world..

Please use your wisdom. Meat is the cause of the world problem. Stop eating meat !!

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