Asam Fish with Chayote 全素亚参午宜龍鬚菜 Tuesday, May 5, 2009

vegan asam fish

Here we do a home cooking with Vegan Asam Fish and Chayote.

Chayote, also known as sayote or the "dragon whiskers" vegetables is a common vegetable in this part of the world, easy to cultivate and well known for its medicinal properties. It is said to possess diuretic, cardiovascular and anti-inflamatory properties.

The essential ingredient is the vegetarian fish together with asam seasoning, tomatoes, ginger and a pinch of salt. This version does not have the traditional spicy chilli so it is easy for young children's palette who may not be comfortable with hot chilli.

It has a mild sour taste perfect for a faux fish dish which otherwise you may have to spend a small fortune in order to taste it in an expensive restaurant.

Get creative. You don't have to die to save the world. Just be vegan.


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