Happy Arts Deli - Part3 悦艺苑 Thursday, November 27, 2008

We continue with Happy Arts Deli, introducing the third common vegetarian dish.

If you like cooking or can already cook, give it a try !

This dish is called the deep fried oyster mushroom.

The main ingredient is the oyster mushroom, so called because of its fan shaped structure...

A simple way to prepare it is to buy a vegan tempura powder, or flour and add spices to taste. Pour some water into a small bowl of tempura powder and stir the mixture until it becomes gluey.. Continue to add more powder, and do not put too much water initially.. You will want your tempura mixture thick and sticky ! Once you have done that put the oyster mushroom into the batter and coat it thoroughly.

Put some oil in a frying pan or Chinese cooking wok, there should be enough oil for you to soak at least two or three oyster mushrooms. The oil can be reused for cooking another day, so don't worry if you pour too much oil into the pan.

Get the oil to the right boiling temperature. The way Chinese cook test it is to use a pair of wooden chopsticks and put it into the oil. If you see bubbles at the bottom of the chopstick then the temperature is just right. When the oil is ready, put in the tempura batter-coated oyster mushroom one at a time, not too many and wait for it to deep fry to a golden yellow color.

Take out the golden deep fried mushroom with a sieve and let it stand on a bowl so the excess oil can drain off. That is all there is to it !!

Here's another look at a simple deep fried mushroom meal that is completely vegan !

Notice you can pour some tomato ketchup sauce with some left-over pineapple, bits and pieces of green and red bell pepper for garnishing.

BTW, like Loving Hut, this place takes cash only. No NETS or credit cards.


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