SOME OF THE COSTS OF MEAT EATING Sunday, December 7, 2008

Over 17 million lives lost globally each year
Cost of cardiovascular disease is at least US$1 trillion a year
Over 1 million new colon cancer patients diagnosed each year
More than 600,000 colon cancer-related mortalities annually
In the United States alone, colon cancer treatment costs about US$6.5 billion.
Millions of people are newly diagnosed with other meat-related cancers every year.
246 million people are affected worldwide
An estimated US$174 billion spent each year on treatment
Worldwide 1.6 billion adults are overweight with 400 million more who are obese
Costs US$93 billion each year for medical expenses in the United States alone
At least 2.6 million people die annually from problems related to being overweight or obese
Use up to 70% of clean water
Pollute most of the water bodies
Deforest the lungs of the Earth
Use up 90% of the world's cereal
Cause world hunger & wars
80% cause of global warming

Supreme Master Ching Hai
February 28, 2008 - Austria

MASTER: Suppose you know something is poisonous to your children; will you deliberately give it to them, to harm them? No! So now all the evidence points out that meat is also poisonous and alcohol is bad. Just ban them outright. There’s no more discussion.

Make it your mission in life, to inform people about the danger of eating meat, and show them the solution.

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