Hidden costs of meat on global warming. 肉品造成全球暖化的隱藏代價 Thursday, December 4, 2008

During a radio interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai on Ireland’s popular East Coast FM Radio, co-host and newly vegetarian Ms. Louise Kings shared a discussion about the harms of meat consumption for both human and planetary health. Ms. Kings cited the United Nations 2006 report, “Livestock’s Long Shadow,” which revealed that transport is actually not the #1 cause of greenhouse gases; rather, the livestock industry alone is responsible for more emissions than all transportation combined.

Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai by East Coast FM Radio, Ireland
Sunday, August 31, 2008

Louise Kings (F): Scientists have shown that: say the average car produces 3 kilograms a day of CO2 gases, while clearing rainforest to produce beef for maybe 1 hamburger produces 75 kilograms of CO2 gases. That’s a huge difference of two and a half thousand percent (2500%). So for anyone wanting to reduce their carbon footprint this clearly shows that eating meat has a much bigger impact on the environment than, say, driving your car. Would you be in agreement with what the scientists are saying?

Supreme Master Ching Hai : Yes, ma’am. 18 percent pollution is just part of the estimate. Actually there are other hidden side costs of global warming, because it’s not included, like people get sick and the price we have to pay for the hospital and the taking care and develop medicine and research and etc., etc., and cost of the sorrow of people who lost loved ones due to meat related illness. And all the change that we advocated up till now by society is helping but it’s very little as you can calculate it yourself. Only vegetarian diet can truly help. And as every action provokes another action and like attracts like. So if we save lives, ours will be spared. Everything else is just secondary.

For more information about East Coast FM Radio and this interview, please visit www.eastcoastfm.net

VOICE: We would like to thank East Coast FM Radio and concerned co-host Ms. Louise Kings for offering listeners a clearer picture of matters that are highly relevant to themselves and those around them.

Our gratitude to Supreme Master Ching Hai whose insights are truly practical and yet have deep implications for our lives and our souls. We pray that the real facts and priorities regarding our diet will be more widely known for all to make the best choice.

Source: Supreme Master Television

愛爾蘭最受歡迎的東岸FM電台最近訪問清海無上師,主持人之一露意絲金斯(Louise Kings)小姐,她也剛開始吃素,她說吃肉傷害人及地球的健康,金斯小姐引述聯合國零六年報告《牲畜的長期陰影》(Livestock’s Long Shadow)揭露溫室氣體的元兇並非運輸而是畜牧業,畜牧產生的溫室氣體比所有運輸總排放量還要多。




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