Loving Hut @ Suntec Singapore with Nikon D90 - Part 4 Saturday, November 8, 2008

We have our meals, we have our soup. Let us try some drinks and see what it is like..

Little Rabbit ordered Sunny Forest which she said afterwards, "Its very refreshing!"

Sunny Forest in Sunny Singapore !

Up to 75% of the amazon rain forest have been cleared for live stock breeding, all in the name of MEAT !!

Each day up to 250 species of flauna and flora have been driven to extinction, due to human activities.

How long more are we going to do this before we wake up ??

If we do not have the forest any more, where do the birds live ?

If we do not have the forest any more, where do the animals go ?

If we do not have the forest any more, will there be sunshine ?

If we do not have the forest any more, will we be able to survive ?

Every year billions of animals are being slaughtered ...

Wake up to the mad slaughter of animals for food, so we can stop our mistakes in time !!

Wake up, so that we can bring back the sunshine in our forest !!

To mark the end of a wonderful afternoon meal, we ordered the hot drink Loving Hut Cappuccino.

We thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for Her Love. We thank Her for showing us as an example how we should live our lives and extend our Love to include our brother and sister animals.

So bring your family down to Suntec City.. Enjoy the celebration of love.. Even for one day, eat without any guilt on your conscience.

For take-away or delivery, the number you can call is 62386755.

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