A/B Swtich - Part 1 Monday, October 27, 2008

A little review here. We talked first about the common dish, fried rice, and then some people tossed in some "ingredients" to make the rice taste "nicer" without giving much thought to the fact that these "ingredients" were living beings, and that by killing them for food, we have committed the first Sin.

And as we talked about the way we mechanically kill prawns for food, we recalled at some point in time, the demand for "fresh" looking and "fresh" tasting sea food, has lead to the invention of an atrocious, repulsive dish called "Drunken Prawn".

When the "Drunken Prawn" was being served in the round table of a seafood outlet, nobody actually made any objections. Sure, some girls there might have squirmed a little bit, but nobody actually stood up and say "Stop It"... Nobody actually walked out of the seafood outlet in disgust... We all hide our inner feelings by emulating each other..

We look at other people; we look at adult's reaction. The adult's heart are already hardened, so naturally, there is no reaction, so we thought that we must behave the same way... We hide our innate intuition and goodness.. We make "drunken prawns" out of them, we killed our own conscience !! We learned to ignore the Still Small Voice within us, which is telling us, "This is wrong... This is wrong... Don't eat it !!"

So, without realizing anything at all, we slipped effortlessly into Channel-A lifestyle, we slipped away from goodness into darkness, we became a mindless pawn of the Evil Force.

It sound scary, but true... Channel-A traps are everywhere in this world, and these traps ensnares us, and ambush our Soul, keeping us trapped in Channel-A easily and without much effort... Tune in to TV advertisements, and you know... Gorgeous pictures of delicious, good looking squarish shaped hamburgers and fish fillets tempt us, such Channel-A advertisements incessantly bombard us with negative values, until we surrender, we give up, we fall in, and we became a rookie of the Dark Powers...

And that is how, one by one, we fall into the endless trap of Channel-A, without any way to get out at all.. We fall from our original, pure hearted self, we fall from our child-like, God trusting nature.. So if you ever wonder when or where or how we lost our childish innocence, we do not need to wonder any more..

Lasm's story told @10:51 AM

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