More Drunken Prawns.. Friday, October 24, 2008

Now then there is a little side note to the drunken prawn incident, which happens very frequently at sea food centers.

The people who ordered seafood wanted it fresh. If it is not "fresh" of course,it tastes like rotting flesh, and nobody wants to eat rotting flesh if at allpossible. Best taste is the meat, right after killing.

That was the kind of thinking behind putting the semi-dead, half alive prawns in a glass of wine and then to torture them till the last possible moment. Not only to let you see the action, but the intent is to letyou know, you are getting "live" and "fresh" seafood... Because you witness the killing yourself !! Yeah, you don't do it.. You don't kill... You only pay for someone else to do the dirty job for you.. You condone the suffering of the prawns, becausey ou wanted "Fresh Seafood !!"

God forbid, who designed such a diabolical instrument of torture !!There is no such thing as Fresh Seafood, it is only Recently Killed Sea Creatures..

Once again, inside our brains, inside our minds, there is an A-B switch...

In normal consciousness, day-to-day living, we are in Channel A, which is"normal" and "ordinary", aka topsy-turvy. We don't question tradition.We don't question cultural values, we don't question the value of meat which the TV advertisements have successfully bombarded us day-in day-out thousandsof times daily. Omnivores and carnivores who do the same practice centuries oldcannot be wrong. Don't think, just follow the norm. Eat it man ! Eat the meat or you won't grow up !! That is what adults tell you ---- Channel A thinking.

You need to hear the "click" in your brain... Did you hear it ? You need to confirm that you have switched... Have you turned to Channel B ?

Once you are in Channel B, you are enlightened. Like what Krishnamurti used to say,you see things in its reality... You really started to see... You see it for what it IS, not what it is made out to be..

If you stay in Channel A, you are in darkness, you lost yourself. Once you achieved the "click", you are in the Light of Love. Channel A is the negative power. Channel B is Love... Your choice. You wield the power to choose.

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