More Animal / human Atrocities unveiled .. Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just when I thought it is safe to switch to a new blog, and perhaps talk a little bit more about the A-B switch, I received an email reply from a friend who read this blog. He is none other than the famous "Shaolin Monk" aka "Orniku" and we knew each other many, many years B.C. (Before the Age of PC)

Well, the well-read Orniku contributed some more collection of atrocities, which according to the erudite Monk's calculation, dated as far back as the Sung dynasty of China !!

So, very, very, grudgingly, I am recording here, another episode of unspeakable inhumanity of man against animals, and man against man himself..

Once again, if you are young in age, do give this entry a skip..

But if you really need to read this, at the end of it, make a choice okay ? You can remain Channel-A, but better still, if you exercise your choise, and all the heavenly beings will bless you abundantly if you switch to Channel-B ..

Remember that you are responsible for your life and those you love, choose wisely, choose Live, choose Love, choose to be a Channel-B person.

Here is the verbatim quote, which Orniku, the World Read One, says,

(a) This monkey biz dish started with our forefathers in China - Monkey brain delicacy
Since your appetite is whetted, let me contribute a few more from the ancient recipes.

(b) Wrap head and tail of live fresh water carp (or any live fish you may have)with cloth. With both head and tail held, dip the middle portion into boiling oil. Serve on plate, as you eat, you still have the eyes blinking at you and tail fipping about.

(c) Heat up a fenced up piece of metal over furnance. Put some live geese onto it. As it becomes red hot, the geese would tango for a while while the webbed feet get all blistered and cooked.

(d)Tied a donkey/horse to a pole. Select the portion of meat you want. Someone will pour boiling water over it and cut off that for your plate.

(e) To end it, here is the bit that is going to spoil your weekend. Do not read if you have weak heart.

According to my Sung dynasty published text, human meat is the best delicacy. Raw translation:
- Human meat is known as "Two leg goat"
- Meat of old lean man- "Start a fire"
- Meat of woman - "Yakky Whey"
- Meat of children "Mashed bone"


So there you have it, the Monk has said his piece, thank you Orniku, for recording such facts for the knowledge of the readers..

It is important that we make a decision, when we read this..

Do we want to remain Channel-A, or do we go Channel-B ?

Choose channel-B, choose to save animal's lives !!

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