Some Monkey Business Saturday, October 25, 2008

Now that we are talking about "Fresh" sea food, here is a little story that will give you a new understanding of what is really "Fresh" Food...

In my teenage years, I have a good friend and mentor, actually a distant relativea nd some years my senior. He was working at the Malaysian telecoms at that time and one of the perks of the job is that he used to call me, for free.Those times, internet was not yet invented, computers were unheard off, and hand phones had not been born.

He was the one who taught me to travel around the region independently, as he is kind of fond of traveling, so we went together on my first overseas trip, to Thailand and Malaysia.

This is the part where the details are going to get very gory, so if you are young and tender in age, please skip this entry and read the others...

You are still here ? Well, you have been warned..

Anyway it is about food, and also about the extreme inhumanity which we humans,as a superior species, bestowed on our less fortunate animal friends..

One day my friend talked to me about travel trivia and food trivia and things like that, and he kind of told me they eat monkey heads in Thailand... and he went on to describe how it is done, matter-of-factly.. If you really want to know,well, they put a live monkey in a wooden cage so tight that the monkey, of course,c annot move around, and only the top of the monkey skull is exposed from thecage, at about the height of the table where the customer would sit down and order his meal...

God forbid that I have to tell you this sad story, again, if you are happy and in a good mood today, please skip this blog, the enlightened people do not usually want to talk about these things, the reason I will explain in another blog..

You are still here ?? Okay.. maybe it is fate then... Maybe by reading this story it will change you to a benign plant-based herbivore, so we go on..

Well, when the customer sit down, presumbably after choosing a monkey, they..

Again I want to warn you that by reading this you may have a night-mare..

It is unspeakable the kind of things we human beings do in our ignorant and sadly evil heart, it is really gross and inhumane... utterly devoid of compassion and even failing to be fit to call ourselves human... the Channel A poison is indeed malicious and deep-rooted evil...

The waiter or food server will open the skull of the alive monkey, thus the brain of the monkey is exposed to view, and I think put a straw, like the one you use to drink bubble tea ?? Yes, that is how the customer suck the brain on a "Fresh" food, a delicacy of "Fresh" Monkey Brain..

This is a real story, I did not make this up...

Now do you still want to be a Channel A person ? Or do you want to be a Channel B person ? When are you going to make the switch ?

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